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3 Reasons Your Optical Capture Rate is Low

You have a great rapport with your patients; they love you and your team of opticians, but you find yourself wondering why they aren’t purchasing their frames from your optical dispensary more often. This can be solved by correcting 3 simple yet crucial steps you may be leaving out, boosting your capture rate, and increasing profit margins!


  1. You do not personally escort your patients to your optician team and optical retail area.

This moment is the most crucial moment affecting the optical capture rate. The doctor’s opinion is advice patients want and trust. When you lead them to the optical retail floor it signals to your patient that choosing the right frames is essential for their vision care process. 


  1. You do not introduce your optical team as the frame expert to your patient

When introducing your patient to your optical team, elaborate on their experience in the optical industry and any credentials they may have. Patients are more likely to purchase frames if they feel they are working with an expert. They trust the guidance and see it as a vital part of their vision appointment, not just sales, and retail experience. 


  1. You assume your patients that wear contact lenses or do not need a new prescription are not interested in purchasing new frames

If your patient mainly wears contact lenses, remind them how important it is to have glasses to give their eyes a break from contacts, or if they ever get an eye infection. If your patient does not need a new prescription, let them know you just got some of the hottest frames styles in and show them how they can elevate their style with glasses. They may not need a new prescription but people always want the latest style. 


We understand how important it is to maintain and grow your capture rate. Just by changing these three actions we are confident your capture rate will grow, your patients won’t leave without what they need, and you will be very satisfied with your higher profit margins. 

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