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A&A Optical Surpasses 50 Years in Business

The 60’s boasted many memorable experiences from the Rolling Stones launching their first album to the historic “I Have a Dream Speech” made by Martin Luther King Jr, but 1967 held its own special place when the late Alexander Liener made his way to Dallas, Texas leading to a new way of facilitating optical developments.


Arriving in Dallas in 1967 from Hungary, Alexander Liener, moved three months ahead of his family to work for another optical company. Once he realized that things would work out in Texas, he sent for his wife, Agnes, and children, and the future began.


Liener opened up A&A Optical in 1971 after realizing that he wanted to start an optical business for himself instead of working for someone else; that drive is still seen in his son Robert Liener who runs the business today, always striving to be the best and bring the best out of others in the process.


Robert Liener, the current CEO of A&A Optical, wants to ensure that customer satisfaction and service is at the forefront of the company. Their mission is ease and efficiency with a constant smile on their faces to continue the family made business traditions that made A&A Optical the leading optical company that it is today.


“Robert was my sales rep in Abilene for years. I was struck by the fact he was the kindest most gentle type person,” said Gena Wilkens, one of A&A Optical’s clients.


A&A Optical now has 65 employees and headquarters in Carrollton. The company provides 10 eyewear collections — for children and adults — to independent eyecare professionals, optometrists, ophthalmologists and eyecare retailers throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico, South America and the United States.


The optical industry is vast from opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists serving almost 75% of the adult population with some sort of eye corrective needs. A&A Optical is at the center of the buying experience for many optical offices around the nation serving over 5000 opticians throughout North America.


After Alexander Liener’s passing in 2018, Robert Liener did not want to lose sight of the strides his father took to create the company and wants to continue to instill the values the company was created upon.


“My father started this business with the idea of making sure his customers were very happy from both a product perspective and a customer relationship model,” said Robert Liener.

Today, A&A Optical Company team is composed of salesmen and women, designers, engineers, and marketers to create a seamless and pleasant experience from concept in-house to buyer in an optometrists office.


“What sets A&A apart from the competition is the culture that we bring to our team and our customers. There are many frame companies, but we put the customer at the forefront and lead with unique, one of a kind designs,” said Dain Elder, the vice president of sales.


A&A Optical Company has just launched its new website as well as a new logo for the beginning of 2022 to bring frames to new generations as A&A begins its next 50 years.

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