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Aeropostale Press Release



A&A Optical Launches New Collection with Aéropostale


Carrollton, Texas – A&A Optical, a leading manufacturer and distributor of eyewear frames worldwide, today announced the launch of its partnership with Aéropostale, a leading global teen retailer and manufacturer of Gen-Z-specific fashion. The collaboration is designed to create Gen-Z eyewear that promotes individuality, inclusivity and diversity.

“We’re so excited about our partnership with Aéropostale,” said Robert Liener, president and CEO of A&A Optical. “When it comes to eyewear for teens, few brands offer the freedom and confidence of Aéropostale and A&A Optical. Bold, colorful, and unapologetically unique—this collection brings together an exciting mix of shapes and styles to give you something that’s truly your own.”

As part of Aéropostale’s commitment to delivering a complete fashion commerce experience for Gen-Z with a focus on style, authenticity, and quality, the designs emphasize boldness, variety, and non-traditional aesthetic Gen-Z has grown to know and love. A&A Optical will be providing eye care professionals with high-quality eyeglasses frames that are designed specifically for Gen-Z.

“We spent months crafting the perfect frames for an untapped generation in the optical industry,” said Josh Vickery, Product Development Manager at A&A Optical. “This collection is the move that the industry needs to hit a more inclusive market.”

Aéropostale provides a space for teens and young adults to feel heard and seen through platforms that promote expression and positivity. This message is translated through the frames designed in this collection. 

“This collection was created for all of Gen-Z as a way to express themselves and their identities through eyewear,” said A&A Optical’s product development manager, Walter Roth. “Not only is this collection fun, but it is expressive, unique, and challenges the status quo.”

From bright and bold colors to eccentric shapes and materials, the Aéropostale x A&A Optical collection will take the optometric world by storm through people-first messaging and styles that will embrace the diversity that bolsters the Gen-Z generation through and through. 

For more information on the Aeropostale Eyewear collection, go to www.aaopticalco.com or contact your local sales consultant.

The new collection will launch on July 1 with the help of The Uptown Agency, a full-service advertising and branding agency in Dallas, to create a unified Gen-Z frame collection for A&A Optical’s customers and clients. 


For media or marketing information contact media@theuptownagency.com.

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