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Keep an eye out for these eyewear trends in 2024

Eyewear frames are becoming a more prominent part of today’s fashion and style culture. Prescription frames are becoming more than just a necessity for clearer eyesight; they are being elevated to the status of coveted accessories. Patients view their frames as fashion statements and reflections of personal style. Keep reading to learn about some of the industry’s latest eyewear trends for 2024.

Gradient frames

Expect to see gradient frames have a huge impact on the design inspiration of eyewear frames. These frames, featuring shades and hues that seamlessly melt into one another, add an unexpected touch of artistic inspiration to any outfit. Despite their sometimes daunting color profiles, gradient frames are a great way to introduce a subtle pop of color without being too overbearing. Encourage your patients, especially those who are skeptical of change, to try on a pair of these on-trend frames.

Cremieux frames in the style Puget

Tech & titanium

Technology is an ever-evolving industry; something new is constantly being introduced to the market, from cell phones to cars. These technological advancements aren’t just limited to touchscreens; their impacts are seeping into every aspect of our lives, including prescription eyewear frames.


Thanks to these tech improvements, eyewear is being transformed into a blend of comfort, fashion, functionality, and technology. Expect to see the increasing popularity of titanium frames, specifically those built with 3D printing. This emphasis on advanced materials and cutting-edge engineering creates a stylish, elegant, and comfortable frame.

Cruz frames in the styles I-266 & I-526 &

Crystal-clear vision

Timelessly elegant and perfectly understated, transparent frames are expected to be another popular choice throughout 2024. These crystal-clear eyewear pieces are a well-loved staple among eyeglass wearers due to their ability to enhance the patient’s facial features without being too obvious. They also suit all skin tones and facial structures, making them a perfect option for every type of patient. 

Alexander frames in the style Finley

Shape up

For fans of more avant-garde style trends, hexagonal eyewear frames are quickly becoming one of this year’s hottest styles. With a blend of modern design and 1970s inspiration, these frames are perfect for patients looking for a bold yet wearable alternative to a basic square frame. 

RACHEL Rachel Roy frames in the style Marvel

Bold hues

Although colorful frames have been a popular choice for sunglasses, they are also becoming more prominent in prescription glasses. Bold pops of color instantly elevate any rim, thick or thin, and provide a playful accent to an otherwise neutral outfit. Although the color spectrum for these frames is vast, red is being reported as the color of the season, offering a great starting point for patients who want to step out of their comfort zone but are unsure of where to start. 

Jimmy Crystal frame in the style Uvita


When it comes to eyewear trends, one style always seems to make the cut year after year: wire-framed glasses. Wire frames work nicely for both sunglasses and prescription frames, particularly round and aviator shapes. While wire eyeglass frames do project a preppier vibe all around, these frames can be incorporated into a variety of wardrobes. Whether your patient wears a sport coat or a leather jacket, wire frames are sure to be the perfect complement to their personal style.

RACHEL Rachel Roy frames in the style Liberate

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