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How selling multiple frames can increase profitability in your optical practice


An often overlooked method of creating a profitable optometry practice is recommending the purchase and use of multiple pairs of glasses for your patients. By prescribing your patients multiple pairs of eyeglasses, you are moving beyond a basic recommendation and providing clients with a more personalized and consultative experience. As we pointed out in a previous blog post, patients are more likely to return to an optometric practice where they feel they have a personal relationship built up with their provider. 


Not only is this approach suitable for improving customer retention, but it can be extremely effective in increasing your overall profitability. The Review of Optometric Business reported that eyewear sales generate an average gross profit of $138 per pair, meaning that just one extra pair of prescription glasses sold per week could bring over $7000 more in gross profit yearly. 


Patients may be curious as to why they need more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses. Here are a few approaches to consider when helping them find their perfect pair:

  • Approach the conversation from an angle that addresses their lifestyle and habits. It may be worthwhile to create a survey or questionnaire that asks patients about their work life, hobbies, and other daily activities. While they are answering these questions, use their responses to prompt a conversation about why you are recommending a different eyeglass prescription for each activity.

  • Help them switch up their perspective. Tell your patients to think about a pair of glasses in the same way that you would think about shoes. People buy and wear different shoes for different occasions; eyeglasses are no different.

  • Include multiple pairs of glasses on your prescription pads. This gives patients a visual representation of how you are able to prescribe different lenses for various activities. Including sections like sunglasses, blue light glasses, everyday wear, etc. only reinforces the recommendations that your patients are receiving verbally.




Prescription sunglasses are an eye care product that patients often ignore. Depending on the outdoor activities they most frequently partake in, you can recommend various lenses like polarized or mirrored options.


Next time you call a patient to remind them of their next upcoming appointment, suggest that they bring in their sunglasses along with their prescriptions, to begin prompting the conversation of new frames or various prescriptions. When they come in for their next appointment, they may be more open-minded about buying a secondary pair from you.


Sports glasses

Sports glasses, another overlooked eye care essential, can be a crucial factor in preventing eye-related injuries. Start offering patients accessories tailored to every activity, whether it’s prescription ski goggles for hitting the slopes or swim goggles for their next practice.


Everyday wear

Even though these are probably the most obvious suggestions, glasses for everyday use can be upgraded with non-glare treatments, photochromic lenses, and progressive lenses.


Computer and digital screen glasses

One of the most prominent lingering practices from the global pandemic is working and taking classes in a remote setting. This means that people are looking at their screens more than ever and should be taking precautionary measures to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and bright screens.


Occupational and safety glasses

Many jobs in the workforce, like chemists and mechanics, require safety measures to promote physical protection, including preventing eye injury. Consider carrying different prescription safety eyeglass frames that cater to your patients who may work in these occupations.


Eyeglasses don’t just help with improving patients’ vision; a new pair of glasses can promote a better quality of life in their everyday endeavors, whether they’re at the park with their family or working in the office. By recommending more than one pair of glasses to your patients, you are helping your patients live their life to the fullest and increasing your organization’s profitability overall. A quick conversation with a patient about lifestyle habits could mean thousands of dollars in additional revenue for your practice.


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