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A&A Optical Launches New Aéropostale Kids Collection

This summer’s going to be big for A&A Optical as we expand our reach into the global teen retail brand, Aéropostale, by launching a new collection on June 1st: Aéropostale Kids. It’s hard to believe that we’re already surpassing another huge milestone after launching Aéropostale just last summer.

“The launch of Aéropostale’s Gen-Z eyewear collection last July has turned into a tremendous success,” said Robert Liener,  president of A&A Optical. “In the first three quarters of sales, we have been able to exceed the goals and projections of sales by a significant margin. Because of this success, we are launching the Aéropostale Kids collection in June. Our expectations are that the frame lines will continue to get stronger traction, as well as help A&A expand our international presence.”

While most kids frame collections feature designs that tend to feel generic, Josh Vickery, another A&A Optical product development manager, and Roth chose to recreate trendy frame shapes into more “age-appropriate designs” by accounting for the unique fit and proportions of children’s facial features. The frames feature lightweight materials, flexible hinges, and adjustable nose pads, creating a collection that is carefully crafted to withstand the active lifestyles of kids.

“We drew inspiration from Aéropostale’s rich heritage of casual and contemporary fashion,” said A&A Optical product development manager Walter Roth. “The frames reflect the spirit of adventure, freedom, and youthful energy that the brand is known for, bringing that essence into the eyewear designs.” 

With vibrant and colorful designs directly inspired by the colorways of Aéropostale stores, the Aéropostale Kids collection boasts a bold and playful selection of frames that feature fun patterns and designs while still remaining versatile and wearable. The A&A Optical difference truly shines in this new collection by expanding Aéropostale’s messages of self-expression, embracing individuality, and inclusion to a younger audience.

On June 1st, A&A Optical will be bringing unapologetically unique and kid-friendly frames to our loyal customers and clients. Upgrade your current stock inventory by bringing in frames that are fun, fresh, and appeal to kids, teens, and young adults alike.

For more information on the Aéropostale Kids Eyewear collection, contact your A&A Optical regional sales consultant.

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