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What your glasses say about you

If one of the first things people notice about you is your eyes, but you wear glasses, then the question is, what do your glasses say about you, especially on first impressions. 

Despite glasses being more of a utilitarian tool, they have become a fashion statement. From different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, glasses not only help bring vision to the people wearing them but also give an insight into their personality.

Take Clark Kent, yes he might just be a comic book character, but it is interesting to see that glasses could change his whole demeanor. From journalist to super hero, those classic spectacles transformed him.

Here are 4 glasses shapes and frames that explain your personality type:

Acetate & Colorful Plastic Frames – People that tend to wear acetate or plastic frames are generally more youthful and carefree in their demeanor. Since acetate and plastic frames come in such a wide range of fun styles and colors, wearers of these frames are always up for a good time and never get tied down to one place for two long. They are artsy, fun-loving and kind. These people appreciate a good instagram selfie against a beautiful mural and are always living life with a smile on their faces. Some of our favorite plastic frames are from RACHEL Rachel Roy boasting bright and vibrant colors for everyday wear!

Metal Frames – Metal frames can be seen in all different shapes and sizes but the primary wearers of metal frames typically have a sense of more responsibility and maturity. The metal frame can come across professionally and put together and typically fall more in line with the everyday worker-bee. People who wear metal frames are true to themselves but are also always ready to seize the day as long as they can put themselves first in their priorities.  Some of our favorite metal frames come from XXL Eyewear boasting wide frame glasses for the modern man. 

Aviator-shaped Frames – The minute you think of aviator-shaped frames you immediately think of adventure and typically the people wearing these frames encapsulate the meaning of adventure. These wearers take life as it comes at them and want to live as far from a schedule as possible. They are ready to get into the thick of things without looking back. Carpe Diem is the name of the game for people wearing aviator shaped frames. They live in the moment and want to climb the highest mountains both figuratively and literally. They are bold and brave and will always stick out in a crowd from the confidence they exude. 

Frames with Diamonds – These people are at the center of every room. They are flashy but in the best way possible. They love high-fashion and want to match every bag or outfit to the glasses they have on. They are problem solvers and extremely entrepreneurial. They are not afraid of attention but always grab it in the classiest of ways. They are fun-loving but sometimes reserved, always paying attention to the world around them. They love a good night out and tend to keep friendships around as long as possible. Some of our favorite frames lined with fine diamonds and crystals are Jimmy Crystal glasses! 

No matter what glasses you wear your personality will always shine through! Your daily look will always be representative of how you are feeling for every occasion but understanding that your glasses might be the first impression you are giving off, is important to know for both your everyday life and your work life! Check out A&A Optical’s top picks for your unique style on our website. Shop now!

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