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Great Glasses: More Than Fashion & Fit

What makes a pair of glasses truly “great”? For some, it might be a matter of fit and style. For others, they may see a “great” pair of glasses as a pair that was purchased for a reasonable price. Ask anyone who wears glasses what makes a pair of eyeglass frames good, and they’re likely going to give you a variety of answers. For eyecare professionals, however, a great pair of glasses is more than just a pair of fashion-forward frames; it’s the experience that the patient has all through the buying experience from the moment they walk into the optical shop.

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The Vision Council has recently updated the LPDS

New Lens Product Description Standard (LPDS) Released

For years, the Lens Product Description Standard v2.2 has been the industry standard for manufacturers to communicate the features of lenses and lens blanks. Recently, though, the Vision Council announced the completion and approval of Version 1.00 of the LPDS.

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A&A Optical Launches New Aéropostale Kids Collection

This summer’s going to be big for A&A Optical as we expand our reach into the global teen retail brand, Aéropostale, by launching a new collection on June 1st: Aéropostale Kids. It’s hard to believe that we’re already surpassing another huge milestone after launching Aéropostale just last summer.

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Aeropostale Press Release

A&A Optical, a leading manufacturer and distributor of eyewear frames worldwide, today announced the launch of its partnership with Aéropostale, a leading global teen retailer and manufacturer of Gen-Z-specific fashion.

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